Working in a Rural Location in Summer

As a business owner looking for office space in the Colchester area, your choice of work environment has a significant impact on the productivity of your workforce. If you are looking for new premises, why not join the rising number of people choosing out-of-town office locations?

Working in a country location brings benefits all year round, but it is particularly appealing during the summer months; a workspace in idyllic surroundings with plenty of natural light helps increase staff morale and work output, and this in turn will help create more business!

Why Rural Office Space Brings Benefits 

Rural offices have a number of advantages especially during the summer months when the evenings stay lighter later and you can make better use of the sunnier weather.

Office space out of Colchester means you can enjoy a pleasant country drive on your way to work – which puts you in a better mood to face the day ahead. And you can make full use of the lighter evenings as you get to beat the rush-hour traffic on your way home!

As is the case for many out-of-town offices, a business address in a rural area makes lunch breaks much more pleasant, as your staff can take a stroll in the grounds or surrounding countryside in their lunch-hour.

At The Gattinetts, in East Bergholt, the grounds are maintained as part of the rental charge, so you can always be assured that the surroundings will look their best at all times to give the best possible impression for your customers.

If you run a business – depending on the type you have, the reliability of your workforce, and how hands-on you want to be – it gives you more flexibility during your working day. You can take advantage of this during the summer months and take a brisk walk to help you revitalise and mull over your business ideas.

Rural offices often have facilities nearby that will help with staff bonding, which is appealing at any time of year but particularly during the summer months.  East Bergholt has several village pubs that you and your staff can socialise in at the end of the working week, or that you can hold lunch-time client meetings in. Pubs within walking distance from the Gattinetts are: the 17th century Red Lion in the centre of the village, and the Hare and Hounds and the Carriers Arms on Heath Road.

The Gattinetts’ Facilities

The Gattinetts is in a rural location near Colchester and Ipswich, and provides a number of benefits that you may not get in a town centre location.

Facilities on-site also go a long way to helping to create a happy workforce. The Gattinetts has a superb nursery on site, which means that you can take the children to work and pick them up at the end of the day.

There are a wide range of offices here to suit the size of your business, as well as additional on-site workshops and storage locations, should you need it.  The site provides ample parking space for staff, visitors, delivery vans and customers, so there are no hefty car parking charges that you would get if you were based in a town centre.

Rural offices also benefit from lower rents, which is another reason why this type of workspace is so attractive. If you are a start-up business and want more flexibility with your rent, we offer a variety of options, including short-term leases (of 12 months minimum) and, if requested, you can pay monthly by direct debit, instead of the standard quarterly rental charge.

In addition, The Gattinetts is in a low-crime area and the grounds and parking facilities are well lit during the winter months. Access is via security gates and the entry is with the use of a key fob or intercom system.

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