Why It’s Well Worth Going On The Gattinetts’ Waiting List

Storage Space Business Suffolk - Going On Our Waiting List

At The Gattinetts Business Centre we have a bit of a problem; we are very popular (modestly speaking). In fact, you could say we are almost too popular as we very rarely have any vacancies – whether you are talking about our office space to let, our industrial units to rent, or our storage space, all of which would be ideal for any business currently located in Suffolk or Essex.

However, there is one thing you can do to improve your chances of success and of becoming part of The Gattinetts family – by joining our waiting list. Here we explain why it’s a good idea even if you aren’t looking to move your business in the immediate future.


You Get Advance Notice

There are a host of practical, financial and administrative reasons for going on our waiting lists

The biggest reason is the advance notice we give; we always let people on our waiting list know about any vacancies before they are advertised to the general public, so you’ll always have the best opportunities for any vacancies that do come up.

Even once you are here, if you stay on our waiting list, you’ll still get to learn about any vacancies in other parts of The Gattinetts’ complex much quicker than anyone else who’s in the market for new premises – remember we have industrial units, workshops and business premises to rent.

We can be flexible with rental agreements – although we like our tenants to sign one-year agreements at a minimum, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements. Overall, you should find that our rental prices are extremely competitive when measured against town-centre premises.


Why Choose The Gattinetts?

Basing your business at The Gattinetts gives you fantastic access to nearby transport links, being very close to both the A14 and A12. Nearby, there are also regular train services to London and Norwich. Ipswich, Colchester and Manningtree also all have stations on the main line.

The Gattinetts is also located on a local bus route, so no there’s no issues for people who don’t drive. For those who do, you also get free parking on site.

The proximity of major towns such as Ipswich and Colchester, as well as smaller towns such as Manningtree and Hadleigh, means that we’re well placed as a location to conduct business from – making it easy both for employees to work at The Gattinetts and for any customers or clients to visit you.


Rural Office Space – The Best of Both Worlds

The Gattinetts offers the rural nature of the office space as well as the close proximity of town centres.

The fact that we are based in East Bergholt in Constable Country, which is one of the most picturesque areas of the UK and was the inspiration for many artist’s most famous landscapes, means that you can enjoy a peaceful office location while still being close to major centres of commerce.

Our office spaces are light, airy, full of character, and well heated (some also have under-floor heating). As mentioned above, we have a variety of different business units available, including office spaces, workshops and storage units of varying sizes.


Joining The Gattinetts’ Waiting List – Business Premises to Rent near Dedham

If you would like to go on our waiting list, simply click here and fill in the online form.

You can also call us on 070941 781489 or leave a message on the site answerphone 01206 299555, or you can email us on gattinetts.manager@gmail.com.