Rural Office Suffolk - Photo of an office at The Gattinetts Business Centre

Why a Rural Office Offers the Ideal Solution


Businesses still need an office because face-to-face interaction and collaboration among staff is an essential part of any commercial organisation. An office environment helps junior employees to learn the company culture, even if it’s not part of a formal training programme.  An office location also helps to alleviate feelings of loneliness or mental health issues that full-time working from home can create.

However, there are a number of trends that have become apparent even in the last few weeks since the coronavirus restrictions in all parts of the UK have been lifted, which show that while people are apparently not so keen to go back to the city centre offices, demand for rural working space is thriving.

The Gattinetts Business Centre offers small offices to let in East Bergholt, close to the Suffolk/Essex border. Here we assess some of the latest trends and why the rural office offers the ideal solution.


People Don’t Want to Commute So Far

After over a year of working from home and the convenience it brings in terms of getting to and from work, it is understandable that people don’t want to spend so much time on the road. Likewise, people don’t want to use public transport so much due to closer proximity to other people and the long journey times seriously impacting on their quality of life and work-life balance.

This was evident on so-called Freedom Day (July 19), when everyone was being encouraged to go back to the office. According to Transport for London, public transport use was still down in the capital, particularly on the underground (38% of normal levels). Use of the roads was lower than pre-pandemic levels as well.

Mark Dixon, who oversees office rental firm Regus, says there has been a much faster return to rural offices than to city centre ones since July 19 – and he puts this down to the problem of commuting. Commuting to a more local, rural office is a much more attractive proposition and allows employees to live in a nicer area.


Staff Want a Guaranteed Parking Space

In many larger towns and cities, workers may have to park in public car parks if they want to avoid using public transport.  Public car parks can be expensive, and you may not be guaranteed a space anyway (unless you pay extra for the privilege).

Unlike central city and town locations where the number of spaces are limited, rural office spaces are much more likely to have plenty of spaces for everyone, including any clients who want to pay you a visit.


Staff Want Flexibility

At the end of last year, Regus’s parent company IWG found a 19% increase in demand for smaller, flexible workspaces (as part of their Suburban Economic Survey). They put this down to people wanting to work from home and the office at times that suit them.

This increased desire for a better work-life balance has led to a rise in demand for smaller, localised office spaces – hybrid working, where people can come in just a few days a week.


Rural Internet Speeds are Improving

Historically, one of the biggest disadvantages of working in a rural area was the slower broadband speed compared to larger towns and cities. Internet speed is affected by the distance that the fibre-optic cables have to travel from street cabinets into homes or businesses – in the countryside, this is likely to be much further.

However, the Government is trying to ‘level up’ in this particular area by committing £5billion to parts of the UK that currently have sub-par broadband speeds. This is part of an overall drive to ensure that at least 85% of the UK has access to full-fibre broadband by the year 2025. Removing one of the biggest barriers to demand for rural office space in the process.


Small Offices to Let in East Bergholt at The Gattinetts Business Centre

At The Gattinetts Business Centre, we offer small office space to let at our East Bergholt site. All our office spaces are highly sought after, due to our rural location in the heart of Constable Country. And, if all our offices are currently let, which due to their popularity they often are, we can put you on our waiting list and let you know as soon as a unit becomes free. The same applies to our industrial units and workshops we have to rent at our East Bergholt site.

Short-term leases (with a minimum period of 12 months) are the most common. However, we are also happy to discuss your individual requirements.

If you would like to know more about The Gattinetts Business Centre, you can contact us by clicking here and filling out the online contact form.