Top Tips on How Feng Shui Can be
Used to Promote Good Fortune

Feng shui (pronounced Fong shway) is a traditional Chinese art that maximises the flow of energy around a home or office by organising the space and objects in the best way. Feng Shui can be used in all environments and when the energy, or chi, is flowing effectively it can benefit all aspects of your life and business.

Although its use is more commonly seen in homes, Feng Shui can be extended to all spaces including the office. Many large international companies are using this eastern art to harness positive energy and to increase their competitive advantage. If you are looking for offices to let in south Suffolk or north Essex, you may want to take the opportunity to revamp your new office space according to these ancient principles to assist the growth of your business and bring harmony to your organisation.

At The Gattinetts Business Centre, we have a variety of offices to rent near Colchester to suit businesses of all sizes and a number of our resident businesses have been based on the site since it first opened.

Feng Shui in the Office
Many sceptics dispute the workability of Feng shui, but there must be something in it if it’s been around for the past 3,000 years. In some parts of the world entire office buildings are designed on the basis of Feng Shui. However, it is said that even making small changes can make a big difference.

Promote Good Fortune
All businesses need to thrive and grow: the first step should be to look online for a Bagua plan and find out where your wealth corner is. Fish represent wealth, so see if you can place an aquarium or fish tank in your money corner. Alternatively, you could have pictures of fish in this area.

Plants, especially bamboo and Jade, are particularly good for enhancing abundance. Ensure that plants are well cared for as these symbolise healthy finances. Dead plants or flowers on the other hand can signify a dying business.

Another top tip is to keep the desks and office space clutter free in this area as rubbish or disorganised items such as mounds of paperwork are a sure-fire way to block the flow of money coming to you.

Promote Good Relationships
To promote peaceful, harmonious relationships in your office place, avoid using fire colours such as too much red, as this can cause conflict. Instead use soothing colours such as pastels or greens to promote a sense of calm. Orange is a good colour to promote harmony and cheerfulness between employees. However, do make sure you check the terms of your contract before you paint your office.

The use of wind chimes can encourage people to be more helpful, although these can be noisy at times. Instead, strategically placed rose quartz crystals are a good way to absorb negative energy. If you do use crystals, be sure to cleanse them regularly under cold, running water.  Also consider adding pictures to the walls which symbolise happy relationships.

Promote Creativity
Promoting creativity is especially important if you are working in a creative industry such as the media or advertising. As well as keeping the office and desk tops clutter free, beware of storing clutter hidden away in drawers as this will cause the energy to stagnate. Set aside a regular time to go through your drawers and throw away anything that you no longer need.

In addition to this, there should be plenty of room to move easily around your desk. If your desk is against a wall, leave plenty of room around the sides.

Promote Good Health 
The health of your employees is important in order to limit staff absences. Make certain that there are no sharp edges or plants with spiky / sharp leaves such as cacti pointing at you or your employees.

This is because sharp edges can send negative energy that can bring ill health and bad luck. To maximise your health and energy, put a plant in a red plant pot on the east side of your desk.

Using Colours
You can use colours to promote certain moods in the office. Red symbolises aggression, orange means harmony, yellow helps clarity, blue and green aid reflection and purple stimulates creativity.

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