Is It Time to Move Your Home-Based
Business into an Office?

If you have a business in Suffolk or Essex that has grown considerably since its inception, you may want to move to bigger surroundings.

Many start-ups begin life as a home-based business – either working out of a small study, at the kitchen table, or in some cases, even out of a shed at the bottom of the garden. As the company develops, there will inevitably be a time when you need more space.

But the question is, when do you decide that you have reached this point? The answer will be different depending on a variety of factors: the type of company you are running, whether you will host client meetings at your offices, and whether your workplace needs to be bigger to operate more successfully.

At the Gattinetts Business Centre we provide a wide variety of office space to let near Colchester,  which will give you plenty of scope for further expansion. Here we identify five of the tell-tale signs that it’s time for you to move from your existing business premises to a more suitable office, workshop or studio.

1. Your Company Requires a More Professional Image

If you are likely to host a lot of client meetings or discussions with suppliers, you will need offices to let that project a professional image and have all the right facilities to make your customers feel welcome.

The Gattinetts in East Bergholt provides high-quality offices for a range of businesses, from small organisations to larger companies that require a complete office suite. There are also pay per day conference facilities available.

We are just a 15-minute drive from Colchester town centre, so it is easy for clients to find, and the development has all you need to accommodate your visitors. Some of the benefits include ample free parking, a reception area for greeting clients, and adequate kitchen facilities so that your clients can be offered refreshments on arrival.

Having the all right facilities is particularly important if you have a company that relies on projecting a good image, such as a graphic design firm, an advertising agency, solicitors or a finance organisation.

2. You Need to Accommodate More Staff

If you need to take on more staff, it goes without saying that they will require comfortable surroundings in which to work, including adequate desk and computer space. If your home office is feeling cramped, you may want to look at our office space to let near Colchester to find the right one for you.

The Gattinetts provides roomy office space with all the essential facilities such as WCs, a kitchen area and plenty of parking, and, if you choose a workplace that also has other businesses on-site, it also offers the chance to network and expand your client base.

3. You Want More Space for Filing and Storage

Is your sofa currently your filing cabinet, or are you are using your hallway as a delivery bay to store stock and stack boxes? In that case, you might want to think about moving your office premises elsewhere, so your firm can operate more efficiently.

A home-based office is fine for a small start-up, but, as your business grows, you will need more organised premises. Stock, samples, orders waiting for delivery, and client files all require significant space. A move to larger premises will make all the difference and, as well as providing a more comfortable working environment, it is likely to improve company productivity.

4. There are Too Many Distractions at Home

Do you have friends, neighbours or family members popping over for a chat during the day, or do you find yourself distracted by household chores? If so, it may be time to look for a quieter, more dedicated office space that is free from impromptu interruptions and where the practicalities, such as internet connections, adequate plug points, and kitchen facilities, are already in place for clients.

It also means that you can hold meetings in the right surroundings, to make the best possible impression on potential customers.

5. More Orders Mean You Need More Space

When you set up a business, you don’t always know what the future will bring. If your company becomes an overnight success, you will need larger premises to operate from. You may need to find new offices in a short space of time, as it is not always possible to fulfil a big commission, project or order at home.

At The Gattinetts we offer a variety of office space, as well as workshops and secure storage facilities for rent, so you can have access to a host of on-site facilities that will help your business run smoothly. As our office space varies from small workstations to complete office suites, it is less of an upheaval to move to larger premises on-site when your business expands.

The Gattinetts – Office Space to Let near Colchester

Renting office space in or near Colchester, or elsewhere in the region, is a big step to take for most small businesses. For this reason, it may be worthwhile considering an office rental that does not require too big an upfront commitment.

At The Gattinetts Business Centre, we offer flexible agreements to suit your needs; and you don’t need a huge amount of capital to get started, as we require just one month’s rent, plus a small deposit, to move in. Follow the link above to find out what office space to let near Colchester we currently have available. If we are full, you can always ask to be put on our waiting list.