The Pros and Cons of Hot Desking


Hot desking – or desk sharing, or desk hoteling as it’s also sometimes known – has become one of the more common features of the modern office. This is particularly true in the post-covid days of hybrid working, where some employees split their work week between home and the office.

Here The Gattinetts Business Centre, who offer office space for rent in the Manningtree area, look at the pros and cons of this particular practice.


The Advantages

For businesses, hot desking is much more cost-effective because they don’t need to have a desk for every single employee in the office. This also has the added benefit of not requiring such a big office space, cutting down on rent and utility bills. The second of these is an especially big benefit at the moment.

When everyone has their own desk, there is the possibility for individuals to feel they are being discriminated against. This is particularly true if they are placed in a dark or undesirable part of the office, away from close colleagues. With hot-desking, no one has any proprietry rights over any part of the office – it is inherently fairer.

Communication and collaboration is much better among staff and across teams if people don’t sit in the same place every day.  This is because you may get to know other colleagues better and work more efficiently as a bigger team.

If you reduce the number of desks, there’s more space to move around, which might be important for social distancing regulations (should they ever need to return). Space is also more welcoming for visitors as well as staff. This is because if there’s a lot of clutter in the office, then it can look untidy and create the wrong impression.

Lastly, hot-desking can encourage flexibility in employees. Not only are people less rigid in where they sit, but in their roles they have and the tasks they do.


The Disadvantages

Hot-desking can cause friction, particularly in an office with a strict chain of command. This is because people may have to get used to sitting in other seats when they might not want to. As a result, people may feel less ‘at home’ in the office when they don’t have a desk of their own. This is because any personal effects such as photos and stationery may have to be moved away from the desk at the end of the day.

Although we are now living in the era of Zoom (other video conferencing facilities are also available!), people have to be a lot more aware of who is in, and on what day, to function effectively. This means that the potential for serious communication breakdowns is higher. For businesses, it can also be expensive in the short term if they need to invest in new computers for staff as well as subscriptions for computer software.

Unless there is a duty roster which everyone knows about, you can easily end up with too many, or too few, people in the office on one day, and (in the worst-case scenario) not enough desks to go around. So, hot desking needs to be very well organised.


Office Space for Rent in the Manningtree area from The Gattinetts Business Centre

As you can see, hot desking has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to take advantage of our rural office space for rent close to the Suffolk/Essex border, then how you arrange your space is largely down to you and your business. If you find you have more desks than you need, we also have on-site storage space as well. At The Gattinetts Business Centre you also have the benefit of working in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

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