Six Ideas to Motivate Staff in Your Small Business

As a small business owner, it is important to motivate all your employees so you can maximise their talents and improve company performance. It is all very well, employing a talented workforce, but if none of your staff feel valued, all that time and money spent recruiting and training the right people would have gone to waste.

A high turnover of employees is costly – not to mention an added burden on you – so it is important to build a team that your staff enjoy being a part of. This article on behalf of The Gattinetts –  an exclusive complex of business units and offices to rent on the Suffolk/Essex border – reveals six ways to create a happy and productive workforce.

Don’t Be Too Restrictive on Pay

While employing staff on low wages may sound like a great way to save money, underpaying won’t attract the right personnel and, ultimately, this can lead to resentment in the long run; so do your research first. Be realistic about the role you have given your staff and research similar jobs to get an idea of pay. Obviously, staff members with experience, or who have taken on new responsibilities (such as a managerial type posts), and loyal, long-standing staff members should be paid more than new recruits. If you don’t present an opportunity for your staff to advance their pay, then it is unlikely that they will stay at your company for long.

Offer Relevant Courses 

Whatever role a team member has, there is always room for further improvement. Try to offer training courses, at least once a year if you can, to help develop your team and improve staff knowledge. Some employers, unfortunately, feel threatened if they feel they have employed staff more competent than them. However, if your team doesn’t have enough room to improve, this not only restricts business growth but will ensure the brightest members seek jobs elsewhere…and it may be they decide to set up their own businesses or join with one of your competitors.

Organise Staff Socials to Build a Team 

We all have a life outside work and not everyone has time to attend regular staff socials. However, organising events helps with team building and friendships and ultimately creates a stronger company. While weekly after work drinks may be too demanding for an older team, organising bi-monthly social events – such as a Friday afternoon work meeting in your local pub, or hosting events such as Christmas parties/meals out and/or summer barbecues – will all help your team bond.

Be Creative with Incentives

Staff incentives help build a dedicated workforce, as your staff will know that their hard work is noticed, and rewarded. Think about various incentives you can offer your staff so they are content in their role. After all, a happy workforce is more likely to stay where it is and grow with your company. Possible incentives include a spa visit or weekend away for your most promising member or members of staff, a chance to leave earlier on Fridays, performance-related pay, additional holiday dates for long-standing employees, gym membership, meals out, private healthcare, pensions, and/or Christmas bonuses (such as supermarket vouchers).

Lead by Example

If you expect your staff to turn up on time, keep to lunch breaks, be well presented and polite etc., but don’t follow these rules yourself, this won’t motivate your staff. Instead, if you keep a sloppy timescale, where you disregard your customers and your team, your workforce will question your commitment and won’t want to pull their weight. It is your company, so lead by example and show your dedication.

Have Regular Consultations

Communication is vital; try to keep your workforce informed through regular consultations as and when you can, so they know where your company is at, and where you intend to be. This is also a chance to get your staff’s input and ideas; so use this opportunity to ask your workforce about possible improvements. Taking an interest in what your staff are doing will help them feel valued, so they will want to do their best.

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