Do you have a new business or an existing company and are you thinking of acquiring office space in the Colchester area? This does not necessarily mean choosing a town centre site, as there are many great premises available to rent in villages surrounding the Essex town.

Whether you opt for an urban or rural location, there will be a number of factors that will help influence your decision. These include the size and suitability of the premises on offer, the distance from amenities such as the bank or post office, ease of access for staff and customers, parking facilities, and rental costs.

Here we will look at each of these in turn and consider the arguments for and against both types of location to help you determine which one works best for you.


Although a town centre base is generally more convenient, there are many benefits to choosing a country setting. These include lower rents, lots of free parking, a relaxed and friendly village type atmosphere – and you get to beat the rush hour traffic before and after work!

The Gattinetts development has ten offices to rent from 415 to 2700 sq ft and is perfect for those who would be happy to be based out of town. It is situated in East Bergholt and within easy reach of London, Ipswich and Colchester.



The Gattinetts is a site of converted farm buildings near the heart of the village of East Bergholt, surrounded by trees and tucked away from the main road by a short driveway. Generous parking facilities exist on site for staff and visitors. Broadband is available on site and has recently been upgraded.

Office units available to rent at the Gattinetts are for small and medium size companies. There are also various workshop or industrial units, which are ideal for businesses such as art and design companies or antique restorers. The Gattinetts also offers self-storage facilities.


Having a town centre address is convenient for both your workforce and customers, as they will be able to reach your premises by car or public transport. You can also walk to some appointments and you are often within a short stroll from banking and post office facilities.

However, town centre office space in Colchester also means that parking facilities can be limited and you may have to either rent additional spaces or pay for public parking. If you do have allocated parking at your premises, space is often restricted so you may have to drive to work early to guarantee a spot. It is also less convenient for visitors who may object to the extra charge.

The Gattinetts has plenty of free parking spaces for you, office workers, and also for visiting clients who can park right outside your business. In addition, buses to East Bergholt run daily from Ipswich and Colchester. This means you can still draw on a workforce from Essex and Suffolk who may not have their own transport. There are also village shops and a post office within walking distance of the Gattinetts. Our tenants already on site often tell us that getting to the office is quicker now they have moved to the Gattinetts as they no longer have to struggle through town centre traffic.


Whilst a town centre office offers a number of benefits, the rents can also be higher. Prices for office space vary dramatically depending on the location and the services on offer. However, a country location generally means cheaper rents, which is perfect for fledgling companies or medium sized businesses. It also means you won’t be tied in with a long-lease agreement, which you may not want.

The Gattinetts offer some flexibility on the rental agreements, particularly for the smaller units. We can offer leases as short as three years with a rolling break clause after the first year and a three month notice period. For businesses wanting more stability, there are also longer term leases of up to ten years.

Payment is usually quarterly, but there is also scope to pay monthly. This flexibility is one of the reasons why the Gattinetts is such a popular place to be and why a number of businesses have been here since the development opened in the 1990’s.


Whatever your type of business, you will need to get to appointments promptly. Although you might think that a town centre office will mean reduced travelling time, the opposite is often true. This is because busy town centre traffic can cause delays and hold-ups, especially in rush hour.

Rural office locations are better because they enable people to get onto the main roads much more quickly.

The Gattinetts is just off the A12, ten miles from Colchester and eight miles from Ipswich, so it is convenient for meetings in both towns. It is also within easy reach of London by road and rail.


Even though a town centre location is a great convenient to be, it may not be very secure, as there is always the fear of break-ins or vandalism.

The Gattinetts has a low crime rate compared to industrial areas in town. The development is very secure and, outside working hours, authorised access is only gained via intercom or a key fob. The CCTV system monitors movements on site 24 hours a day, giving added peace of mind.


Although a town centre office can be convenient to get to, an out of town location means you can beat the rush hour traffic. You get to leave home later and get back from work earlier so you enjoy a better quality of life.

You can also get the opportunity to take your lunch break in the peaceful and beautiful surroundings or use your break to pop to the village shops or post office. Not only this, but the Gattinetts also has an outstanding nursery on site called Lavender Hall Kindergarten. This means you can take your youngsters to work with you and are never too far away from your children.

If you want some office space in the Colchester area, but do not necessarily want to be based in the town centre, then the Gattinetts business centre could be your ideal solution. Click on the link to find out what we currently have available.