Office Space Colchester – Expanding Your Staff Base and Leading a Team

If you have an expanding Essex based business and are looking for larger premises to accommodate more staff, the great news is that there is an excellent choice of office space in the Colchester area.

While town centre offices often command high rents, out-of-town or rural offices often provide the perfect solution for small, growing businesses. Rural offices, such as The Gattinetts in East Bergholt on the Essex and Suffolk border, offer the following benefits:

  • More flexible rental agreements
  • A friendly office-based community
  • On-site storage and workshops
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Ample free parking
  • Easy reach of the A12


The Gattinetts not only offers smaller premises for start-up businesses but also larger office space for companies with an expanding customer base. Its location halfway between Colchester and Ipswich means organisations based here can draw on staff and customers from both towns.

If you are extending your business, The Gattinetts has a range of office units currently available to let which are ideal for growing companies. The premises range from approximately 150 sq ft to 500 sq ft of office space and are suitable for Ipswich or Colchester companies employing up to 20 members of staff. The units can be let as individual offices or combined with others and benefit from shared kitchen and toilet facilities and enjoy the luxury of underfloor heating for the comfort of you and your team over the winter months.

At The Gattinetts, we strive to make things as easy as possible for our tenants. We can sort out leases quickly so tenants can move in just a fortnight if they need to. Our aim is to ensure your office move is hassle-free.

Meanwhile if you are employing more staff this year, here is our brief guide to managing and motivating your newest employees so that they work well as part of a team, helping your company run with maximum efficiency.

Four Key Steps to Leading a Team 

As a managing director, having to employ more staff is a good indication of how well your company is doing. But while an expanding business is an exciting prospect, taking on more staff can be stressful at times as you find yourself dealing with different personalities all under one roof.

Recruiting Staff – As employee turnover is at its peak amongst new staff, it is vital you recruit wisely so your newest employees feel part of a team. Ensure that your new recruit has a clearly defined role and feel they are making a valuable contribution to the business. The happier your staff, the easier your job becomes as you all work towards a common goal. So, consider exactly what skills you want in your new employee before you start advertising. And, during the interview process, think about whether your interviewee will work well with your existing team.

Official Welcome – Once you have hired a new employee, the best way to help your recruit settle in is to get them off to a good start and make a good impression. To ensure that your new employee feels welcome, it is important to introduce them to key people they will be working alongside (or all your staff, if it is a small business). Provide them with basic information about the company, explain what is expected of them, and show them where all the facilities are so they can get settled.

Motivating Your Team – An essential part of making sure that your company is run efficiently is motivating your team. So, it is important that you set a good example to your employees and ensure they feel they are making a valuable contribution to your company. A key to this is communicating with your staff: make sure that they are informed of any changes as and when they arise, that your staff are praised for a job well done, and shown how to improve things if their work lacks the high standards that you had hoped. Establishing regular appraisals will keep your eye on the ball and will provide your staff with the feedback they need.

Maintaining Quality – It is important that your staff have set boundaries and know exactly what will happen if they overstep these boundaries. Provide guidelines on behaviour that encompasses every eventuality including work times, dress code, breaks and personal emails; and ensure that you have systems in place for staff who breach the rules. In addition to this, establish a grievance process so that staff can bring matters to your attention as and when they need to. This will help keep your employees happy and motivated in their job, ensure that they work to the best of their ability, and that you keep a long-standing team.

About the Gattinetts

The Gattinetts in East Bergholt offers high quality office space in a rural location in the Colchester area. We also have workshops and industrial units to rent and offer secure storage facilities. Follow the link above to find out more about us.