Moving Office Premises? Here are not Ten…but Twelve Great Reasons to Move to The Gattinetts in Suffolk

If you have just established a new business, or have been working from home and your company has expanded, the start of the New Year is the ideal time to think about moving to new premises. Town centre premises may seem to be an obvious choice for office rentals; however, it is worth considering rural offices to let in Suffolk, particularly if your business is in the early stages, as it brings so many advantages.

One popular rural office location is The Gattinetts in East Bergholt, which accommodates a range of business types, from start-ups to companies employing up to 20 people. The complex was converted into offices more than 20 years ago and stands on the site of a former poultry farm. It is a testament to the high standard of premises, its location and friendly atmosphere that many businesses have been at The Gattinetts since it first opened.

If you are looking for rural offices to let in Suffolk, here are common questions asked by people looking for office premises in Suffolk and Essex, and why The Gattinetts is an excellent location for small or medium sized companies.

1. Is it possible to find a convenient, out of town office location close to Ipswich and Colchester?  – If you want to draw on staff and customers from Suffolk and Essex, The Gattinetts is in an ideal location. Situated just off the A12, half-way between Colchester and Ipswich, it is easily accessible for staff and customers. Regular bus services also run to and from Ipswich, Colchester and East Bergholt, which makes The Gattinetts an ideal choice for people looking for rural offices to let in Suffolk.

2. Are there office complexes in Suffolk and Essex that offer good quality offices with lower rents?  – If you are a new or nearly new business and want to avoid high rents, The Gattinetts can provide the answer. In general, rents in rural locations are lower than town centre equivalents, so in East Bergholt you won’t have to pay over the odds for your premises.

3. I am a new business looking a flexible rental agreement. Will The Gattinetts offer this? – At The Gattinetts, we realise that start-up businesses, in particular, don’t want to be tied down to lengthy leases so we offer flexible rental agreements. This includes short-term leases of a minimum of 12 months. This gives owners of new businesses added peace of mind, although we can also offer longer rental terms, if preferred.

4. I am looking for office premises with free parking for my staff and customers. Where can I find this? – A big disadvantage of a town centre office is the lack of parking. While some of the bigger offices offer parking, this is often not the case for smaller offices.  At best, some premises will come with either one or two parking spaces – usually reserved for the managing directors – but many will lack parking entirely. This can be off-putting for staff or customers who will be forced to pay exorbitant prices at one of the town’s car parks. The Gattinetts, however, offers free parking with ample space for staff, customers and visitors.

5. Image is important for my business. If I choose a rural location, is the site well maintained? – Whether you have a new business, or a long established one, we realise that image is vital. First impressions count, especially if you are meeting with a new client in the hope of generating more business. Fortunately, The Gattinetts is a well-maintained site, full of character, with the grounds kept neat and tidy throughout the year.

6. I am worried about break-ins if I choose a town centre office. What is the alternative? – One of the drawbacks of moving to a town centre office is the issue of security. Some town centres have a high crime rate with a number reported of break-ins and incidents of vandalism. This of course, depends on the location of the business and how secure the premises are. The Gattinetts, however, offers secure offices to let in Suffolk, with entry via electronic gates and key fobs or intercom.

7. I am looking to rent an attractive office in a rural location. Where can I find this? – Not only is The Gattinetts an attractive complex, but the same can be said for its offices. The offices are modern and appealing inside and although the facilities vary, depending on the size of the rental, all have access to kitchen and toilet facilities. Many of our offices also benefit from under-floor heating, which keeps the premises cosy and warm during the winter months.

8. I have just set up a new business and have young children. Does The Gattinetts have a nursery nearby? – If you have very young children, finding high quality childcare is always a concern, and it is often difficult to find good schooling close to your workplace. The good news is that Lavender Hall Kindergarten is an excellent nursery for babies to five-year-olds, and it is conveniently located on the complex.

9. Are there any conference facilities nearby? – Fortunately here at The Gattinetts we have our own conference room that you can hire for the day at extremely competitive rates.  This is an extremely cost-effective way having the extra space you need on an occasional basis.

10. What facilities are there nearby in the village of East Bergholt? – Not only is the standard of your offices important but also is the proximity to facilities that assist with the smooth running of your organisation. East Bergholt has a village shop and post office, café, and several pubs selling food – The Red Lion is within easy walking distance, and all of them can serve as a venue for business lunches. If you have children of school age, the village also benefits from a primary and secondary school.

11. Are there workshop and storage facilities on-site? – If you have a business that would benefit from additional storage, The Gattinetts also has on-site storage facilities, all conveniently located within walking distance of your workplace. In addition to storage units, The Gattinetts also has a range of on-site workshops and industrial units.

12. Is there a chance to get to know directors from other organisations on site? – Unlike town centre offices, where you barely know your neighbours, The Gattinetts is a friendly office-based community, with an onsite manager and established opportunities to network or exchange ideas; another great reason to move to The Gattinetts!

If you are thinking of moving premises in 2014, contact us at The Gattinetts, East Bergholt, to find out about the current availability of our rural offices to let by following the link above.

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