Five Key Reasons Businesses Need Storage Space

Secured storage space Hadleigh – The Gattinetts

Self-storage is one of the country’s growth businesses – and that’s official. The industry contributes more than £500 million to the UK economy every year. The pandemic hasn’t affected the upward trend either, with more than four-fifths of the available space provided by companies across the UK currently in use, according to the Self Storage Association UK’s (SSAUK’s) annual report.

Here The Gattinetts Business Centre, who provide secured storage space near Hadleigh as well as offices, industrial units and workshops to let, look at why business demand is so high.


To Keep Things Secure

It is not just valuable electrical equipment you don’t want to keep in the office overnight. It is also personal documents containing sensitive client information as well as employee records and stock (and office) inventories.

Penalties for so-called ‘data breaches’ where personal information ends up in the wrong hands are higher than ever, running into thousands if not millions of pounds, so security is more important than it has ever been.

At The Gattinetts our storage space is both convenient (easily accessed directly from a roadway on site) and secure (you’ll need a fob for the main site gate outside normal business hours). The area is also covered by CCTV.


Moving, Downsizing and Refurbishing

Many businesses are downsizing or relocating due to the upheaval caused by the pandemic. In such a time of uncertainty, it’s always good to have the ‘backstop’ of a storage space. Maybe you haven’t got the room for it in your new workplace, but you might have in the future if you ever look to expand. Alterntatively, you may be having your existing premises extended or refurbished and so part or all of your office furniture might need to be relocated temporarily.


It’s Somewhere to Put Stock

Many businesses and their products are seasonal, such as Christmas-related stock or promotional items. Restaurants may also need somewhere to store outside furniture which they can only use in the warmer months. In the case of clothing outlets, what’s sold in the summer is quite different to what’s sold in the winter.

In all cases, a self-storage facility will give you somewhere secure to put items until they are ready to go on sale or be used.


To Free Up Space

One of the biggest problems with modern offices is that they can easily become cluttered. This can impact staff, who may find it difficult to work or move around the workplace. Clutter also creates a bad impression with prospective clients and any visitors you might have. Any furniture or items that aren’t needed can be moved into the storage unit and moved back into the office when required.

A report by the UKSSA has pointed out that a lot of businesses started using self storage because of the need to make their premises COVID-secure. For example, they may need to create more space on the shop or office floor to comply with social distancing requirements.


To Save Money

Self storage avoids the problem of having to buy or rent somewhere bigger (and more expensive). Also, from a security perspective, it’s cheaper than hiring a security guard. In addition, it is also cheaper than hiring out a warehouse.

With many businesses having their budgets or profit margins squeezed by coronavirus restrictions and increasing costs, this is now more important than ever.


The Gattinetts Business Centre – Storage Space Business Near Hadleigh

At The Gattinetts we offer everything a modern, flexible business needs. Not only do we have offices, storage spaces and lockups to let, we also have a mix of industrial units and workshops to rent as well – ideal for businesses in Essex and Suffolk. There are also other facilities on-site such as a kindergarten – all of this in a picturesque rural setting in East Bergholt, the heart of Constable Country.

Our storage spaces are available to residential as well as business customers. At the moment all our units are let, but follow this link to find our contact details and get in touch. We will put you on our waiting list so that you can receive immediate notification when a unit becomes available.