Eight Good Reasons to Relocate Your
Business to The Gattinetts

If you need office space near Colchester, why not try looking at just outside the town centre? Although your business may have been established in the same location for many years, your firm has likely seen many changes during this time; especially with the onset of e-commerce. If your company relies heavily on the web, there is probably no need for you to be in the town centre.

In the past, high-profile offices were needed to attract customers but today, with products and reviews readily available online, this may not be necessary.  A town centre location might have been ideal once, but this may not be the best choice for your business now. Many company directors find that changing location can have vast benefits. It can improve your working environment and even have an impact on your quality of life, all as a result of a change of address.

The Gattinetts Business Centre offers office space, industrial units and workshops and secure storage at a convenient, rural location between Ipswich and Colchester. Many of our resident businesses have been based at the premises since we opened. Here are eight good reasons easons to relocate to rural office space near Colchester.

1. Cost
Although a move can be expensive, you can achieve large savings in the long run. This can have an overall positive impact on the company, especially considering the current economic climate. The cost of office space in Colchester town centre can be very high, especially compared to a rural location. Low cost office space can be particularly beneficial for small to medium enterprises.

2.  Flexibility
At The Gattinetts, we understand that flexibility is important for you and your business. We are flexible with regard to both lease agreements and payments and we can fit around your business needs. We offer leases with terms as short as three years, with the option of a rolling break after one year and a three-month notice period. There are longer term leases available of up to ten years for businesses that are looking for greater stability. Although we usually take payments on a quarterly basis, we can also offer a monthly payment option.

3. Downsizing or upsizing
A business complex such as The Gattinetts means that, if you do want to downsize or expand your business in the future, you won’t have another costly move as you can relocate into one of the existing premises when one becomes available. This will reduce costs, and it is also very convenient.

It is extremely costly to park in the town centre. This affects not only you and your employees, but also your customers, who may be put off visiting you if they have to pay extortionate parking fees. Customers may be more inclined to visit if there is ample free parking.

5. Convenient location
Situated just off the A12, The Gattinetts is conveniently located for you, your employees and, most importantly, your customers.  This is another reason that your customers will be more inclined to visit. There are also regular buses from Ipswich and Colchester, making it easy for your employees to commute.

6. Increased customer base
If you are currently based in Colchester, moving to The Gattinetts means that you can increase your client base by attracting customers from Ipswich. Should you wish to attract customers further afield, you will be easily accessible to them. Customers from London can hop on the train and be at your office in around one hour.

7. Quality of Life
As already mentioned, your commute will be much easier and shorter, due to The Gattinetts’ convenient location. This translates into more quality time at home to relax and spend with the family. As we are set in such beautiful surroundings, you can have the opportunity to eat your lunch in a peaceful, countryside setting. You could even take the opportunity to go for a stroll. There are village shops and a post office (in the Co-op) located nearby. You can drop the children off at the on-site Lavender Hill Kindergarten on your way to work and have the security of knowing that they’re close by.

8. Security
As The Gattinetts is situated in a rural location, it has a lower crime rate compared to other areas in town, where there may be a risk of being broken into or vandalism. The Gattinetts benefits from a state-of-the-art security system. Outside of office hours, access can only be gained using a key fob or via intercom. There is a 24-hour CCTV system that provides additional peace of mind.

The Gattinetts Business Centre – Quality Office Space near Colchester

As you can see, there are many reasons to relocate to our office space near Colchester, particularly for businesses in Manningtree, Hadleigh, Ipswich and Dedham. The Gattinetts offers secure office space, industrial units and workshops and storage facilities. Storage facilities are available for both business and personal storage. For more information please contact us today.