Contemporary Storage Ideas for the Modern Office

If you have just moved into a new office, it is important to get the right storage furniture for your new workplace. We’ve all seen offices with files and documents piled high on desks, cluttered in-trays and a growing pile of papers ready to be shredded.

Finding that all-important paperwork can be a minefield in a disorganised office. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. Choosing the right storage furniture and keeping an up-to-date filing system are essential timesavers, meaning your staff can find what they need quickly and easily.

The Gattinetts Business Centre offer affordable office space for rent near Colchester, ranging from workshops to offices for small businesses and start-up companies to complete office suites. We also offer secure storage space and very flexible rental agreements.
Here are our contemporary storage ideas to complete the look of your workplace.

Filing Cabinets – They might be an everyday office staple, but filing cabinets are still very important to keep things organised. They can be as bright and bold or as discreet as you want them to be. You can choose from a whole range of contemporary filing cabinets in different colours and sizes, from grey or light wood, to dramatic black and white or even bright red.

Fireproof cabinets offer extra protection for sensitive documents and some models will resist fire for 90 minutes. Another option is a cabinet with space for concealed in-trays, to keep your office neat and tidy.

To keep on top of things, the best idea is to file documents straight away – in the in-tray if it needs immediate action and alphabetically in the filing cabinet if it needs long-term storage. You could opt for different coloured filing cabinets for certain things, perhaps storing client reports and brochures in one area and information about your own company, such as accounts, bills and invoices, in another. You could also have a filing system inside your desk and, if you have limited workspace, another idea is a filing system that doubles up as a side table.

Shelving – Having coloured files on shelving looks contemporary and can match the tone of the office décor. However, if you are renting offices, you will need to check with the landlord to see if you are allowed to install shelving. If not, there are other alternatives, and these include the following:

Bookcases or display cabinets – These are less intrusive than shelving and they can be as large or as small as you want them to be. You can choose from minimalist metal bookcases or a whole array of wood veneers, or you could go for painted white shelves to make your room look light.

Storage jars – These are useful to hold smaller items, like pens, and you can also use them in the kitchen as a decorative place to put tea-bags in.

In-trays – There are different types now available depending on your needs, from the traditional open in-trays to the more discreet, enclosed versions, which are useful if you are dealing with confidential documents which should not be on display to your whole office; enclosed in-trays also look tidier.

Storage boxes – These can look good on shelving, piled up alone or on book cases. However, it is important to be able to tell the boxes apart, so make sure that you label everything sufficiently, using coloured labels if you need to, to identify what you need and when.

Coat hooks – Nothing will make an office look messier than piles of coats on the floor or draped over the back of chairs, so hooks or pegs could be a good idea. However, if you can’t install these under the terms of your rental agreement, or prefer not to do so, you might want a coat stand.

On-site storage – When looking for offices to let near Colchester, it is a big bonus to have on-site storage – and The Gattinetts offer this. If you do need the extra space, we have secure storage units available on site for short-term storage at competitive rates. To ensure security, entrance to the site is via gate, and a key fob and intercom outside working hours.

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