Choosing Your Ideal Business Premises
– Top Tips for Start-Ups

Do you have a start-up business and are you looking for office space to let in the Colchester area? Here we will look at what you need to take into consideration when choosing a business premises for the first time.

Whether you are a new or existing business, choosing the ideal office is a vital part of your decision-making process. This is because getting it right will generate more business, boost staff morale, increase productivity and create exactly the right impression for your customers.

Here we will look at how to choose the right premises and the benefits of out-of-town workspace.

Making the Right Decision – Location

In your search for offices the first thing to think about is location. Professional organisations, such as solicitors and accountants, traditionally choose town centre premises to achieve high visibility, a well-known address and to have easy access to courts (in the case of solicitors) and clients.

Businesses also like to be near facilities such as good restaurants (for lunch-breaks or meeting clients), coffee bars along with town centre amenities such as shops, the post office, banks, dry cleaners, local gyms and other leisure facilities.

However, nowadays more and more people are looking at out of town office space near Colchester – especially new businesses – because it offers cheaper rents and is far more convenient in terms of parking. As most office-based communication is done via the internet (emails, Skype etc.) this means much of the work now can be done without face-to-face meetings.

Some of the things to think about when choosing an office location are: Is it near customers or potential customers? Will you be close to other business premises – for example, are you located near to your suppliers?  Does the site have easy access for deliveries?  Is there sufficient parking for customers and employees? Are there good road links?  Are the banks and post office facilities within easy reach? And, if you have children, are there good schools or nursery facilities in the local area?

The Gattinetts is a great location for start-up businesses as it is just off the A12 between Colchester and Ipswich so it can draw on staff and customers from both towns. Although there are many benefits to using public transport, most people prefer to drive to work and the site offers ample parking for staff and customers, with no traffic jams to negotiate. The offices are also easily accessible for deliveries.

Although based in a rural area, there is on-site access to Broadband and the site is close to amenities. The post office and shops are within walking distance and there is an excellent kindergarten on site as well as good schools in the village of East Bergholt.  And, if you want to boost morale and socialise with staff, there are local pubs in the area.


If you are looking for offices in Colchester, first decide on how much space you need. To find this out, first think about how big a workforce you want to employ. Then look at other factors too, such as whether you need additional meeting rooms, storage space and/or workrooms.

Try to look ahead and think about whether you will need more space in the future. Often, new businesses underestimate this and quickly outgrow their offices.

The Gattinetts provides privacy, as each company is allocated individual units with a separate WC, kitchen or kitchenette (instead of separate rooms leading from an open-plan office). The units also benefit from lots of natural light – something which has been proven to reduce staff sicknesses and therefore increase productivity!

The beauty of The Gattinetts is that (space permitting) if you do need to move to bigger premises, you can do that easily without having to relocate to a new address because there are a range of different-sized offices on site. In addition to this, there are workrooms and storage rooms to rent.


When you start your search for office premises, you will find lots of choice available and you can decide whether you want to buy, rent or lease.

Buying means you pay more up front but you will benefit from having equity in your property. Renting or leasing an office space gives you more flexibility and the responsibility for maintenance of the building lies with the landlord.

If you choose a country location, this generally means cheaper rents, which is perfect for start-up and medium-sized businesses. At The Gattinetts, we will work with you to tailor a lease to suit your requirements.

The Gattinetts provide some flexibility on rental agreements, especially for the smaller units. Agreements include three-year leases with a rolling break clause after the first year and a three-month notice period. If you prefer a longer lease period, we offer leases of up to 10 years.

We require a deposit of one month’s rent plus the first month’s rent in advance. The service charge for the site and parking fees are all included. In some offices, heating is included too.  There is a separate charge for electricity and you will also be responsible for your own business rates and telephone charges.

Most people pay quarterly, but it is also possible to pay monthly. The flexibility we offer at The Gattinetts has been one of the many reasons why a number of businesses have been here since we opened.

In addition to these benefits, The Gattinetts offers an idyllic location with beautiful surroundings, which is one of the reasons why it is such a great place to work. Our location will help boost staff morale and provides a safe environment for your workforce. Follow the link above and fill in the online form if you would like to learn more about our office space to let near Colchester, and our workshops and industrial units for rent.