Choosing the Right Furniture for your Office

If you are a start-up company moving into new office space near Colchester, it is important to choose the right furniture for your office. Selecting the right furnishings will create a comfortable environment for your staff, helping to boost productivity, and will promote the best image for your organisation.
If you are looking to locate your firm in the Colchester area, but you don’t want to pay high town-centre rents, The Gattinetts is an office development which could provide the perfect alternative. It is a small development of rural offices on the Essex-Suffolk border in easy reach of Colchester, which is only 10 minutes away by car.

In its peaceful East Bergholt setting, The Gattinetts has offices smaller-sized spaces suitable for a new company just starting out to larger office suites for up-and-coming or well-established companies and expanding businesses. The rents are lower than in town-centre premises and the offices normally come complete with oil-fired heating, as well as having kitchen and toilet facilities.

Once you have decided on an office base for your business, the next thing is to furnish it. Here are some of the things to think about when furnishing your office space in the Colchester area.

Contemporary or Traditional Furniture? – When you set out to select furnishings, you will want to pick items which fit the right image for your company. If it is a creative venture, for instance, the furniture in your office should reflect that, so you might want to pick bright, bold, or quirky items to give an artistic flavour. Glass desks and bright plastic seating are imaginative options to consider, or you could combine stark black chairs with desks and tables in vivid pastel shades. However, if your firm is a more traditional business, such as a legal or accountancy firm or estate agency, you might be better-advised to go for furniture which will give a more dependable and professional image. Traditional décor and solid wooden desks, perhaps with a seated area for visitors, could be a good fit for this type of business.

Making an Office Space Comfortable – Looks might be important, but, as the old saying goes, they aren’t everything. Once you have chosen the look that most appeals to your organisation, you must take into consideration practicality and staff comfort. There is an increasing awareness of ergonomic design in the workplace, which reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries. It is essential to get the right desk height for each worker, and to have adjustable seating that is also comfortable. You could also look at the possibility of bringing in foot-rests for some people, to ensure that they are at the right angle to their workstation. When kitting out your office, also bear in mind the size of the furniture. For instance, don’t buy oversized furniture that overwhelms or swamps a small space, but, equally, be aware that a large office with skimpy furnishings isn’t ideal either.

Adequate Storage Space –Most workplaces need storage space for client files and other records, so, when choosing and furnishing your office space in the Colchester area, it is important to think about how much room you have to accommodate this. You might want to create a separate filing area and perhaps screen this off from the main office, for instance if you are running a legal or insurance business which has a lot of confidential records. However, just a bookcase or one or two filing cabinets may be sufficient for a small business which does not have a lot of paperwork to store and keeps most of its records on computer.

Creating a Breakout Space – An element to consider including in your office is a breakout space (with a table and chairs, or a sofa and side table) to create a place where staff can sit and eat their lunch, or for hosting team meetings. This provides a place where you can interview clients in a relaxed atmosphere, and creates a more sociable, friendly working environment, which helps to makes staff feel valued. Some smaller companies may choose not to have this space, either because of lack of space or because their staff prefer to go out for lunch or take a walk instead of eating in the office. All units at The Gattinetts have kitchen facilities available for staff to make refreshments and store their lunch.

The Gattinetts – Affordable Office Space near Colchester

For any company seeking office space within an easy travelling distance of both Colchester and Ipswich, The Gattinetts Business Centre is perfectly situated. This secure development of offices, just off the A12, is just 10 minutes’ drive from both Colchester Business Park and in the other direction, Ipswich-based business areas such as Whitehouse and Ransomes.

However, companies moving to the Gattinetts will avoid the need for their teams to get stuck in rush-hour traffic jams, as well as taking advantage of lower out-of-town rental rates. If you would like to know more about our offices for rent, follow the link above.