How to Choose the Right Desks for Your Office

Whether you are moving into new premises, or are just looking for some new furniture for your current office, it is important to pick the right type of equipment, and desks are among the most essential items. In this age of computers, many people spend most of the day at their desk, so it is essential that they are comfortable at their workstations.

If staff are appropriately seated at their desks then this increases productivity, by allowing the workflow to go more smoothly. Sitting comfortably while spending long periods in front of a keyboard is also vital to prevent office workers developing conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI).

The Gattinetts Business Centre is a leading supplier of rural offices to let near Colchester. Here we look at some of the key factors you should consider to make sure your staff are sitting comfortably.

The Importance of Correct Workstation Design

It is essential that each individual’s desk and chair are arranged correctly for them, for instance giving them enough work space for the monitor to be at the correct distance. Height-adjustable chairs are a popular choice, possibly combined with foot-rests if needed. Some chairs can also be adjusted to put the back at different angles which can prove more comfortable for different workers, or which allow the same person to vary their posture during the day.

Another option is height-adjustable desks, which allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing at their workstations, improving their posture. It is even possible to buy desks where the height is adjusted electronically.

As well as ensuring that each staff member is correctly seated, it is also important to make sure that the layout of desks and other furniture in the office meets health and safety guidelines. Fire safety is another element which needs to be borne in mind here.

Traditional Styles of Desk

Installing traditional office furniture helps to create an atmosphere of trust and makes even a new company feel established and dependable from the start. Legal firms, accountants and other similar professional services may choose these styles of desk in order to create the right impression to prospective clients. Reproduction wooden desks are available in finishes such as oak and mahogany.

Lighter materials are normally used now even for these more traditional ranges of desk, so it is easier to get items in and out of offices. Also, even traditional-style desks can also include modern elements such as sliding shelves to house a computer.

Contemporary Desk Designs

When fitting out offices to let in the Colchester area, you might want to choose contemporary desk designs. Firms at the cutting edge of technology or those in modern service industries will want a striking 21st-Century look to help create the right image.

Various different looks are available, such as high-gloss white or black desks or stark designs combining steel and glass, as well as light, modern woods and laminates. Modern desks also come in different shapes, including sleek curved and radial designs as well as those specially constructed for corner spaces.

Bench Desks

Bench desks can be a good choice for several people working together, creating larger workstations designed for sharing. This can save on both space and costs, since one desk for four people is likely to be cheaper than four separate workstations. Because bench desks are very flexible, they are popular with professionals such as graphic designers or architects who need a lot of working space. They are also often used in call centres. Modesty panels can be used with this type of desk to give extra privacy to each worker and help to prevent unnecessary distraction.

Larger/Executive Desks

Managers and executives often need larger desks because of their volume of work and also because they need to create the right impression on clients. Shaped corner desks, in your chosen style, are often the best solution here. One option is a traditional wooden desk with a leather desktop and gilding around the edges, to emphasise the antique look. A more contemporary choice could be a desk made from materials like glass or aviator aluminium.

Storage and Extra Features

It is now possible to buy desks which have storage solutions built in for computers and multiple cables, such as cable baskets and Central Processing Unit (CPU) holders. Space-saving options can be concealed within the desk when not needed. Extra storage for documents can also be added to desks if required, for instance in a pedestal with additional drawers.

Styles of Chair

As well as choosing the right desks for your office, you also need to match them up with suitable chairs. There are many different types available, including padded chairs with arm rests, which tend to be more comfortable for sitting in over a long period. Also popular are lightweight chairs with castors which are easy to move around the office. Most modern office chairs feature a swivel mechanism to make them easily adjustable.

The Gattinetts Business Centre

When you are looking for offices to let near Colchester, The Gattinetts Business Centre is the ideal place to choose. This small development of offices is in an accessible location, only 10 minutes by car from the town, but its rural setting in East Bergholt means you will not have to pay town centre rents and you will also avoid traffic jams while getting to and from work.

We have a range of office space on the Suffolk/Essex border, from smaller units ideal for start-ups to larger ones which are suitable for more established businesses.  Follow the link above for more information.

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