Business Start-ups: How to Choose the Right Office for Your Needs

Whether you are establishing a new business as a one-person band operation, or have employees, one of the things you will need to think about is your premises: do you want to work from home, or choose office space to let in Suffolk? There are pros and cons of both, but a lot of it depends on how much you can afford to spend, and the type of company that you are setting up.

There are four types of offices to consider: a home-based office, town centre office rentals, out of town office complexes and buying your own premises.

Working from Home: Choosing to work from home is a relatively low cost option as you are already paying bills on your property. It means you won’t have the overheads of renting separate office premises, and there are no extra costs involved such as travelling to and from work – which makes it a great timesaver too.

However, as well as having a designated office space, you need to be well motivated to work from home as it is often hard to separate work from home life. Your friends or relatives may pop round at any time, which can be a major distraction, or you may get side-tracked by unfinished tasks, such as the cleaning, washing-up or even home renovation.

Another difficulty is arranging client meetings: you have to think about whether it is acceptable to meet them at home or whether it would be better to meet them elsewhere – either over lunch, breakfast or in a hired meeting room?

If your business is expanding rapidly, you may find that it is not long before you outgrow your home office as you need to hire more staff, or require more space to store your deliveries.

Out of Town Office Complexes:  If you require office space to rent in Suffolk, an out of town office may provide the answer. It will be much easier to separate work from home life, and getting up and going to work may help to focus you for the day ahead.

The Gattinetts, in East Bergholt, is ideally placed halfway between Ipswich and Colchester, so you can draw on clients and staff from both areas, which can serve as a real asset to your business.

Choosing an out of town office complex in Suffolk generally means lower rents and you may have the option of flexible rental agreements. By renting offices in The Gattinetts, Suffolk, for example, you can choose short term leases of a 12-month minimum, and pay monthly, rather than quarterly. Ample free parking is available, which is included in the rent, as well as the site service charge. This makes it easier for you to budget for as your costs are known well in advance.

The Gattinetts offers a wide variety of office premises, from workstations in shared offices, to larger office complexes – and you may benefit from networking with other businesses on site. As well as providing excellent value offices to rent in Suffolk, The Gattinetts has secure, on-site storage premises, which may be just the answer for some businesses.

Leasing Town Centre Offices: A town centre office may prove the ideal location for some businesses, but this can prove more costly than out of town arrangements and you could find yourself tied into a complicated legal agreement.

If you are leasing town centre offices, make sure that the lease period is right for your requirements; it is well worth taking advice before you sign.

As well as lease agreements, you will also have to think about parking: does the office you have in mind have adequate free parking facilities for you, your staff and customers? Are you easy to reach by car or are you based in a town with a complex one way system?

Buying Office Premises: This can be a good choice if you have the money to invest, and the value of the property should grow over time, although generally not as quickly as a residential property.

However, unlike with rental properties there may be unexpected costs involved which could be harder to budget for (such as property maintenance or repairs), so you may consider renting a better option for your business start-up.

You need to make sure that you carry out a full survey beforehand and check that you have the right to use your premises in the way that you intend. Otherwise, there could be some delay while you are waiting for permission, or worse, you could be refused, which means that you are stuck with the premises.

You also need to be sure that the premises which suits your needs now will also work for your business in a few years’ time – which can be especially hard to predict for a start-up.

About The Gattinetts Business Centre

The Gattinetts has a range of offices and workshops to rent, from small manufacturing units to office premises and full office suites. We are handily placed just off the A12, meaning that Ipswich and Colchester are both within easy reach. Click here to view our full range of office space to let in the south Suffolk/north Essex area.