The Benefits of Office Space Outside Colchester

Whether you are a new business or an older, more established organisation there are many benefits to moving to out of town offices.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, there are many business owners that have been operating from their current premises for a number of years but their town centre leases are now up for renewal. Whereas they previously benefited from high-profile town-centre office space, the issues of sky-high rents, extortionate parking fees and a downsized workforce may mean that they are looking for alternative office space in Colchester.

While any move from original offices may feel like a drastic decision to make, there are many benefits to moving to out of town office space.  More business owners are deciding to take the plunge and make the decision to move.

Why The Gattinetts Business Centre is Ideal for New or Established Businesses

While any move is stressful and you may worry about the impact such a decision will have on your business, you may well find that moving to a rural area is the best move you ever made.

One of the main benefits of out of town office space, is reduced rents. For example, The Gattinetts, a rural development in East Bergholt, offers more competitive rents than many town centre office buildings. This will mean that your business is better off financially, which will have a positive impact on cash flow and profits.

Another reason to move is flexibility. It may be that you no longer want to be tied to lengthy leases and want something far more accommodating. The Gattinetts offers a range of options including short term leases (a minimum of a year) and you can also opt for monthly direct debit rental payments, instead of quarterly payments.

When considering a move to a rural location you may worry about loss of town centre visibility. This depends on the nature of your business; but nowadays your location matters less than it used to and the success of your business relies far more on how it is marketed.

Getting to and from town centre offices is difficult and exhausting, especially when you get stuck in rush-hour traffic.  Parking is difficult too and the cost adds up. Instead, the Gattinetts is easy to get to and there is no need to arrive early for meetings or for work as you will find plenty of free parking space for you, your staff and customers.

Moving to a rural location, such as The Gattinetts, gives you much more attractive surroundings to work from and, in addition to this, the gardens and car park are maintained by the management.

The Gattinetts is a safe location with a low risk of crime. All the buildings are well secured and entry to the site is through automatic gates and these are accessed either by a key fob or intercom system outside normal working hours. This type of system is not usually available in town centre offices and reduces the likelihood of break-ins or vandalism.

We offer office space near Colchester which is ideal for small or medium start-up businesses or established businesses. There are a variety of different businesses based here, including financial companies, media and design businesses, electronic and software design services. Many of the businesses at the site have been here almost since the Gattinetts opened in 1990s. Follow the link above to find out which of our office units are currently available for rent.

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