Office Units Suffolk – The Benefits of a Rural Location

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At The Gattinetts, our office units are located in a beautiful rural location in Constable Country, at East Bergholt on the Suffolk/Essex border. So we know the benefits of working in the countryside, but now other people are catching on too! There is compelling evidence from research that says that regular access to green views and fresh air can be beneficial to individual members of staff, and to the companies they work for.

Reducing Stress and Boosting Productivity

There have been a number of studies on the effect of natural greenery – in the form of grass, trees or other plants – on people’s mental outlook. These studies show a remarkable positive effect on stress levels, mood and even productivity. One study, by Terry Hartig PhD, Professor of Environmental Psychology, showed that spending time in nature following an intense period of concentration (e.g. working or studying) improves the quality of mental performance for work carried out after the break.

And it’s not just having a break from work which produces the benefits. In the study, some participants had a “nature break” outside while others spent the same amount of time indoors, reading magazines and listening to music. The breaks involving nature were more effective in boosting mood and performance.

In another study, by Roger Ulrich PhD, researchers compared the healing rates of patients recovering from surgery. They found that patients whose window looked out onto a scene containing some greenery recovered more quickly and needed fewer painkillers than those who had a view of a brick wall.

Benefits for Physical and Mental Health

Of course, we all know that it’s good for us all to get out in the fresh air where possible, so going out into the countryside at lunchtime is ideal for improving both physical and mental health. Getting exercise helps to fight obesity and back pain, and also to clear the mind.

However, in practice it can be hard for many office workers to find enough time to travel from the workplace to a pleasant spot for a walk and back again all in the course of a lunch break! This is one of the reasons why a rural office can really score over offices in the centres of larger towns. As soon as you step out of the office door you are in a country environment, which is far more relaxing than being in the middle of an urban area.

Even on days when deadlines are looming, the pressure is on and you can’t afford to spend a lot of time outside, evidence shows being in a rural office space can still bring significant benefits. One study, by Professor Rachel Kaplan, University of Michigan, looked at the effect on workers of having a view of nature from their office window, compared to a completely urban view. The workers with a natural view reported liking their jobs more, and being more satisfied with their lives generally. They even had better levels of physical health.

If you are looking for rural offices to let within easy reach of Colchester and Ipswich, The Gattinetts complex is ideally situated. Despite being in a peaceful country area surrounded by greenery, our office units are just a short distance from these two communities. So businesses based here can have the best of both worlds, with access to the Suffolk and Essex countryside and major towns, too.

If you are looking for office units in Suffolk and Essex you can contact The Gattinetts by clicking on the link above to find out more about the offices and workshops available at our rural location near Dedham.