How Can Indoor Plants Make Your Office Healthier?

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At The Gattinetts, we are always looking for ways to help our business owners and their employees make the most of their office work space in Essex. So, while the cold weather is set to continue for a bit longer, we wanted to come up with simple and affordable ways of bringing the glorious countryside into the office.

An easy way to help your co-workers, horticultural studies have shown, is to bring a variety of plants into office units. These can have a positive effect on the stress levels and moods of employers and employees alike. Even with a beautiful view such as the one at The Gattinetts, and the gorgeous countryside in the Hadleigh and Colchester area, it is still beneficial for everyone to have some greenery around.

It has even been suggested that indoor plants can help to increase efficiency in the workplace, while also helping to increase work-placed productivity and attention span. So just adding a spider plant to your work space could improve wellbeing. However, this is not the only benefit to keeping indoor shrubs and plants in your work environment.

Improving Air Quality

Studies have proved that houseplants will positively improve the air quality of the office. This is very similar to how trees are able to trap harmful pollutants, such as outdoor pollution.  Plants can counteract some of the bacteria found in soft furnishings, furniture and paint, which will improve air quality, helping us to rid ourselves of potentially harmful bacterial issues and fungal spores – so they could even mean we live longer!

By using the right plants, such as rubber plants, ferns and British ivy, it is possible to boost immune systems and decrease work-related illnesses such as stress and fatigue. The Royal Horticultural Society recommends we add greenery such as spider plants to our offices, since these have been found to be very good plants for improving air quality. British ivy and rubber plants can boost your office environment. When choosing your greenery, it could help to bear in mind that the plants you are adding to your office need to be easy to maintain and able to cope with fluctuating temperatures and indoor air quality.

Surrounded by Nature

Another great way to help employers get the best out of their workforce is to provide an appealing view, not just a window opening out onto more urban sprawl. At The Gattinetts this is something we already know to be true. Staff who have the benefit of natural surroundings are less likely to take time off for workplace illnesses. Our office work space is situated in a rural location which has easy access to Ipswich and Colchester; but enjoys all the advantages of a country setting.

So why not consider adding a glossy green plant or two to your office, and enjoy the benefits of nature both inside the office and out? Contact us at The Gattinetts for more information on our office space and workshops availability.