5 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Rural offices to let Colchester
Changing work patterns in the last few years have seen a major rise in number of small businesses starting up, and also in people becoming self-employed or freelance. So should you take the plunge and turn your business idea into reality? Here The Gattinetts, who provide rural offices to let at their complex near Colchester and Dedham on the border between Essex and Suffolk, looks at some of the good reasons to launch your own business.

Altogether, there are now more than 5.4 million SMEs in the UK, while over 4.7 million people are now self-employed. So what are the attractions of starting a business – and the possible drawbacks?

  1. You Have a Great Business Idea

This is possibly the most important reason to start your own business. You’ve spotted a gap in the market, and you are convinced your idea can be a viable enterprise. However, even if you are bubbling with enthusiasm, it’s important to do the research and the maths. You need to get expert advice in order to confirm your hunch has real business potential, and experienced mentors can play a vital role here. Sometimes it is possible to test the water while still working for someone else, before you quit, go full-time and move into your own small office to let.

  1. You Can Be Your Own Boss – and Build a Top Team

When you decide to set up your own business, one of the main attractions will be the excitement of building something yourself and being able to take the decisions. Of course this could also be daunting. You need to make sure you get the training you need to run a business effectively, and local business organisations will often be able to point you in the right direction. As your business grows, you will also be able to take on staff and build a team of people who share your values.

  1. It’s a Chance to Do Something You Love

Many successful small businesses develop out of the passions and knowledge of their founders. If there’s something you love doing, then you can put all the skills you have already developed into your new business. This could be a way to create the job you have always dreamed of, using all your existing strengths and talents and developing new ones.

  1. You Can Start a Business at Any Age

When applying for new jobs, it is often harder for older workers to get an interview, despite all their valuable experience. At the other end of the scale, new graduates or school leavers can also find it difficult to get a foot on the career ladder. However, people of all ages can and do make a success of starting their own business.

  1. You Can Choose a Workplace to Suit You and Your Business

When working for a large company, you often face a long daily commute, battling with traffic to get into a town or city setting. However, when you are the boss, you can choose where to work. Some small businesses start out at home, but as they grow they are likely to move into office space. Choosing rural offices to let in a rural location, such as The Gattinetts, near Ipswich and Hadleigh, will cut the amount of time which you and your staff have to spend travelling, meaning a better quality of life.

Of course, creating a business startup isn’t a decision to take lightly. But, if you have the right determination and drive, and have spotted a genuine gap in the market, starting up a business could be the best way forward for you.

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